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Camp Erin is the largest bereavement camp in the country - designed for youth ages 6-17 who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. It is a weekend-long experience filled with traditional, fun, camp activities combined with grief education and emotional support — facilitated by grief professionals and trained volunteers from local hospice and grief counseling agencies. Camp Erin is the largest network of bereavement camps in the United States with 36 camps in 23 states. More than 2,500 greiving children and teens will receive the healing experience of Camp Erin this year!

December 23, 2009

Learn about TMF from the inside!

A local blogger wrote a great piece about The Moyer Foundation and everything we are all about. Includes an interview from TMF Executive Director Gary Pollock.

Check it out!

Climbing Mountains for Camp Erin!

The passion of a local Seattle-area man who has a personal connection to Camp Erin, has been inspired to take on a challenge many don't even dream of - to climb the world's 5 highest peaks over the next 3 years! A mission that he is calling "From Zero to Everest."

Skylar Givens of Edmonds, WA is currently training to accomplish what seems to most as an impossible task. Throughout his journey he will be raising funds and awareness to support the Camp Erin program. Check out the FZTE website http://www.fzte.com/ where you can follow him on Twitter or fan him on Facebook.

You can read more about Skylar's journey in a recent article in the Edmonds Beacon.

Best of luck Skylar! We are cheering for you!

December 14, 2009

More bereavement tips for the holidays - from Gloria Lintermans and Dr. Marilyn Stolzman

A few more helpful tips for bereavement and the holidays:

GRATITUDE - When we are grateful for life's blessings and for what we have, we distract ourselves from what is wrong with our lives. We fixate and ruminate less on what is missing. Being thankful for our children, our healthy minds and bodies. Being willing to be appreciative all the small things in our lives that make up the big things. Our ability to see, to hear, to think, to reflect, to notice, to enjoy and to feel deeply increases our sensitivity and awareness of the world around us.

EXERCISE - Exercise is a good antidote for stress through the holidays and stress at other times as well. Enjoying exercise on a regular basis is something good to include in our lives. Whether we walk, swim, bike ride or hike, moving our bodies allows us to be outdoors and observe nature. It often takes us out of ourselves and into the world. It may distract the griever from the constant state of anxiety which often accompanies early grieving. We release endorphins in our brain when we exercise that give our mood a lift. Exercise is often prescribed for depression and depressive thoughts.

NUTRITION - The bereaved often cannot eat, do not enjoy food, or may be inclined to eat too much or eat junk foods. Often the grieving person loses interest in food shopping because they don't know how to shop for one, or they don't want to cook for themselves. Appropriate nutritional habits are important through the grieving period because the immune system is down due to stress. Everything one can do to stay healthy is helpful. One of the signs that the bereaved is doing better is the indication that they care again about proper nutrition and make the effort to eat more than cheese and crackers. If a bereaved person was a caregiver and spent a lot of time cooking for an ill spouse they would have to learn to slowly convert this energy and give themselves permission to take good care of themselves. This is appropriate and not an indulgence. It is not selfish; it is good self-nurturing.

ADEQUATE REST - Sleep often gets disturbed during times of extreme stress. Being mindful of getting enough sleep is a good idea since sleep patterns can be interrupted. People often report that they may fall asleep but have trouble staying asleep. If one was used to sleeping in a bed with their spouse, there is an increased awareness of the empty bed. People tend to oversleep or not sleep enough during high stress times. Listening to soothing music before bedtime is relaxing; not listening to the news before going to bed is a good idea. It is important to not over stimulate the mind at least an hour before bedtime.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Reaching out to family and friends is particularly helpful at holiday time. Calling and making arrangements for activities and having plans are useful for getting through the holidays. Friends and family can provide comfort, safely, warmth and love. Surround yourself with the people that bring out the best in you. Talk to your friends and allow them to include you in their plans. Accept invitations, try to laugh and see funny movies. Be less attached to being a third wheel and more attached to how wonderful it is to have people in your life that care and want to be with you. Initiate a dinner or a movie or some activity to share. Be with friends or family members that help you decrease your stress not increase it and look forward to the fact that next year will be easier for you. It is the first experience of holidays that is the most difficult to get through. Encourage yourself to participate. Hopefully, next year will be easier and you will have more events to look forward to that bring you joy.

November 24, 2009

Fun, Easy and Yummy Holiday Recipe!

Making fun holiday treats is a great way to start new family traditions and creating times for bonding over the holidays, especially when you are missing someone and times are hard. Below is a fun, easy and inexpensive recipe any age can enjoy!


- 1 bag of Holiday Ring Pretzels (Old Dutch square pretzel’s recommended)

- 1 bag of Hershey Kisses

- 1 bag of plain M&M's

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place pretzels on wax paper on cookie sheet. Place one un-wrapped Hershey Kiss on top of each pretzel. Place in oven for 3-4 minutes or until chocolate is soft. Watch close, chocolate melts quickly! Remove from the oven and press one M&M into the center of the chocolate kiss. Place in fridge until hardened and enjoy!

Get creative with all the fun striped Kisses and Hugs that are out there!

Helpful Hints for Grieving Families to Get Through the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time for those grieving the death of someone close to them. Whether starting a new family ritual of continuing your favorite tradition, it's important to recognize this time of year can be hard and to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Here are a few ideas to help you get through while remembering and honoring the person you held dear:
  • Talk with your parent or guardian about ways that you are going to remember your special loved one during the holidays.
  • Start a new family ritual. Go for a walk to look at holiday lights, light a special candle, set a place for your loved one.

  • Visit a local ceramic shop and customize special holiday cups, plates, or dishes to use during the holidays.
  • Write memories of your loved one on scraps of colorful wrapping paper then place them in a clear jar or bowl to put out for a colorful display with meaning.

  • Create a support chain with memories of loved ones written on each link.

Above all, do your best to enjoy the holiday season and take time to appreciate all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for!

(Thanks to contributing members of the NAGC Griefinar: "Strategies for Helping Families Through the Holidays.")

New TMF website officially LAUNCHED!

Time to celebrate!! :) After months and months of hard work and creative thinking, the Foundation's new and improved website is available for all to see!

TMF's Sandy Hawley led a team of web designers and IT experts in creating a modern, sophisticated and user friendly site that really showcases the many aspects of the Foundation. The site was created with the future of the Foundation in mind and will be a staple in commuinicating our mission to the world for years to come. Nice work Sandy!

Take a few minutes to peruse the new site! Satisfaction guaranteed!


November 12, 2009

Dream Catchers - A HUGE success!

Dream Catchers was even more incredible than we anticipated!! $1.25 million raised to benefit Camp Erins all across the country!! In addition to the amazing Dreams offered to the highest bidder, guests in attendance were blown away by the energetic atmosphere, amazing food and new memories created with new friends dedicated to helping grieving kids and teens by supporting Camp Erin.

The thank you's are endless when an event like this comes together flawlessly. From the countless Moyer Foundation staff hours to the Dream Makers across the country who made all the dreams possible to TMF's donors, the new and the loyal, to Karen and Jamie Moyer's unending inspiration and support, the dedication of many led to the nights great success!

To help put things into perspective, $1.25 million will help send more than 2,500 kids and teens to Camp Erin! Pretty awesome!

Click here to read more!

Click here to check out some pictures!

October 21, 2009

Camp Erin Orange County is the first of the new 10!!

The Moyer Foundation is excited to announce our first Camp Erin partner for the 2010 camp season! Spencer Hospice Foundation of Santa Ana, CA impressed Gary and Lesa during their on-site visit in October. They are a unique organization with an incredible amount of community support.

Many congrats! We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership!

All hands on deck for DREAM CATCHERS!

Dream Catchers is coming soon!! The Moyer Foundation staff is all hands on deck to bring together all the details for an unforgettable night. We are still dreaming and have added experiences with Tim McGraw, American Idol and the world renowned IMG sports academy! Full dream details are listed at http://www.dreamcatchersinfo.com/.

REMEMBER - You don't have to attend to BID LIVE! The date is November 7th! Don't miss out!

October 14, 2009

Less than one month until Dream Catchers!

The time is winding down to the Foundation's biggest event benefiting Camp Erin! Our Dream Catchers event provides guests with a unique opportunity to bid on once-in-a-lifetime Dream experiences. From the decor to the venue to the auction items up for bid, this is not your typical gala. Up for bid are Dreams that can take you from the pits of Nascar racing to the international stage at the 2010 Olympics with Bob Costas to the beauty of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Also included are experiences with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the Aspen Food and Wine Classic with Mario Batali and an appearance on TOP CHEF!

To see a complete list of Dreams up for bid and more event info, visit http://www.dreamcatchersinfo.com/.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this magical evening to raise funds for grieving kids and teens!

September 28, 2009

Awesome article on Camp Erin San Diego!

Check out a great article on Camp Erin San Diego! Fantastic job to all!

2009 Camp Erin Season Comes to a Close!

With the completion of Camp Erin San Diego, Albany and Anchorage this past weekend, we have officially concluded the 2009 Camp Erin season!!! 28 camps with 32 sessions in 18 cities across the country and our first international camp in Toronto helped nearly 2,000 campers along their grief journey.

Thousands of hours and hardworking hearts and hands go into making each Camp Erin an unforgettable and healing experience for the campers, volunteers and staff. The Moyer Foundation is extremely fortunate to work with an amazing team of bereavement experts dedicated to creating a safe place for kids and teens to grieve, heal, and most importantly, have fun again! No words can describe our thanks and gratitude to these amazing people.

Now we are in the final stages of identifying the next Camp Erin partners for 2010! Lesa and Gary are traveling as we speak and throughout October to meet with potential partner organizations. Stay tuned for more details!

September 23, 2009

From Seattle to Hawaii!

Gary Pollock, TMF Executive Director, took some time out of his family vacation in Kona, HI visit the team at Hospice of Kona, our Camp Erin Hawaii partner. Gary truly enjoyed his visit with the staff and was amazed at the beauty that surrounds their facility and all they do! They were able to share stories all of the wonderful things that happened at Camp Erin Hawaii as well as strategize on some ideas for next year. They shared a fantastic video made from still photos and narrated in the words of campers, volunteers and staff. (Stay tuned for a link to the video!)

Thank you Laura, Janette and team at Camp Erin Hawaii for your dedication to helping grieving children!

September 21, 2009

The Moyer Foundation helps Catch a Cure for Cancer!

This past week The Moyer Foundation held its annual Catch A Cure for Cancer radiothon to benefit early cancer detection research at the world renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Over $47,000 raised! Many thanks to the dedication of the wonderful staff at Warm 106.9, volunteers from TMF and Fred Hutch, as well as, those who shared their stories of cancer survival and loss.

To the many donors from Seattle to Philadelphia who took the time to make a phone call and donate, thank you for doing your part to help find a cure! The doctors and researchers at Fred Hutch are making huge strides towards finding a cure for cancer, but they can't do it without the support of a giving community.

Thanks to all who participated for doing your part in helping The Moyer Foundation Catch a Cure for Cancer!

September 9, 2009

A great reminder of why Camp Erin is so special!

As the Camp Erin team at The Moyer Foundation work with each camp across the country, we always hear about the different ways Erin Metcalf's (Camp Erin namesake) is felt at every camp. Whether its a timely shooting star, blue heron sighting or a warm presence felt by all, each camp has their story.

Until visiting Camp Erin Portland, I didn't have my story. As the campers participated in the special luminary ceremony on Saturday night remembering the important person who died, a big and beautiful blue heron flew overhead. The goosebumps came as did tears to my eyes. Such a special reminder that Erin's wish of helping other kids is coming true and is the reason behind so many grieving kids and teens getting the help and support they need.

Erin, thank you for your warm spirit and compassionate heart that has helped so many grieving kids and teens across the country see they are not alone and continue on thier journey of hope and healing!
Rachel Chiechi
Camp Erin Community Relations Coordinator

September 4, 2009

September Bereavement Resources for kids, teens and parents

Sad Isn’t Bad – A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing With Loss
By: Michaelene Mundy
Sad Isn't Bad is a special book to help children who have lost a loved one or will be facing the loss of a loved one. The reader joins Elf as he guides children through the process of grieving and teaches them that the emotions they are feeling are perfectly normal. Sad Isn’t Bad allows children to cope with their loss while providing a safe environment to grieve and grow.

Is a safe place where kids can come together and help each other go through the process of grief and dealing with a loss. Kidssaid.com provides kids with a secure place to express their feelings, stories and share artwork with others who are going through a similar loss.

The Grieving Teen: A Guide for Teenagers and Their Friends
By: Helen Fitzgerald

In this guide, Fitzgerald focuses on the unique needs of adolescents struggling with loss and gives them the tools they need to work through their pain and grief. Fitzgerald covers a broad range of situations in which teens may find themselves grieving a death, and helps teens address the difficult emotions they will experience along the way.

How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
By: Therese A. Rando

Regardless if death is sudden or anticipated, few of us are prepared for it or for the grief it brings. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and each person will respond differently. Rando leads you gently through the painful but necessary process of grieving and helps you find the best way for yourself to handle the loss of a loved one.

September 3, 2009

Peer bonding makes a difference at every Camp Erin!

At a recent Camp Erin, there was a great example of why peer-to-peer bonding is so important during the Camp Erin weekend.

As the teens began to share their stories during a Friday night circle-up activity, one teen told her story about the tragic drug related death she was dealing with. The face of a girl teen from across the circle immediately lit up. She had never met anyone her age who had also had someone die of the SAME drug related death. Once the sharing time was complete, these two girls formed an immediate common bond around their stories. Until this fateful moment of sharing, these two girls had felt alone. As the camp weekend continued, these girls were able to share more about thier feelings and experiences which helped them realize they are not alone.

The focus of peer-to-peer interaction allows stories like this to happen at every Camp Erin.

Stay tuned for more stories of peer-to-peer bonding!

Helpful Back to School Hints for grieving kids and teens

Helpful Tips for Back to School

Going back to school after the death of a loved one can be very difficult. It is normal to feel nervous about returning to school. Below are some ideas to help you transition back to school and stay healthy.

* Talk to your teacher. Meet with your new teacher before school starts, and tell them in your own words about the death of your loved one and how you feel. Also, let your teacher know if you would like them to share the information with your class.

* Sweet Dreams. Grieving is tiring, and it is very important that you get plenty of sleep when you go back to school. Kids age 6-12 need 10-11 hours of sleep each night, and teens age 13-18 need 8-9½ hours of sleep each night. Sleep tight!

* Express Yourself. Even if you don’t feel like talking there are a lot of ways to express
your emotions and honor the memory of your loved one. You can start writing in a journal about the memories you have about the person you lost and how you are feeling.
* Exercise. Exercise makes you feel good and can actually put you in a better m
ood! Being active helps reduce anxiety, cope with stress, and strengthens self-esteem. So ride you bike, join a sports team, dance, go for a hike, and play with your friends!

* Eat right. You may not feel hungry or want to skip meals, but your body needs nutritious foods. Make your lunch with your parent or guardian and fill your lunch box with lots of yummy fruits and vegetables!

* Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help because we worry about burdening others. Chances are your family and friends are looking for ways to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask! Also, remember the Camp Erin staff is there for you! Your parent or guardian can help you get in touch with them if you need support.

September 1, 2009

COLDPLAY Donates $10,000 to Camp Erin

A giant thank you to the memebers of COLDPLAY for their generous donation to The Moyer Foundation and our Camp Erin bereavement camps. We're thrilled they believe in the importance of helping support grieving kids and teens through the Camp Erin program. Cheers!

Congrats Camp Erin LA, Portland and Everett!

" I really didn't even want to come to this camp. I didn't think I'd have fun or learn anything...now here I am loving it and so happy to have made so many new friends." -Kelly, 16

August 19, 2009

More than 1/2 way through the 2009 Camp Erin season

More than 1,200 new Camp Erin Alumni so far this summer! Welcome to our team!

TOP CHEF Executive Producer goes to camp!

Dave Serwatka is an Executive Producer for Bravo and works on fun shows like Top Chef. He recently spent a weekend at Camp Erin learning about the importance of helping kids and teens learn to grieve and heal. Thanks Dave for your time! We look forward to working with Bravo and Top Chef in the future to help kids in distress!

Phillies Nation Contest

A huge thank you to Phillies Nation for their support of Camp Erin and The Moyer Foundation! They are running a contest for Phillies fans that will finish August 20th. Here is additional information for any of you that are itnersted in winning:

"First up is your chance to win a Raul Ibanez autographed ball or a ticket stub from Jamie Moyer's 250th win signed by the legend himself. Thursday will be your absolute last day to enter with a $10 donation. You can enter as many times as you'd like and the three people with the most entries will be able to ask Jamie an interview question. Click here for your chance to win!"

July 31, 2009

CNN reports on Camp Erin!

Check out this amazing piece on Camp Erin! After months of work, its finally complete and being shared with the public! Many thanks to Rene and the team at Camp Erin Atlanta for inviting CNN into your camp and helping share this amazing experience with thousands! Another great representation of why we do what we do. Great work to all!

July 28, 2009

Congrats to Camp Erin Palm Springs!

Many congratulations to the team at Camp Erin Palm Springs for completing their 3rd Camp Erin! 66 campers enjoyed camp and began their process of hope and healing! Great work to all!

Want to read more? Check out this article!


Want a glimpse into preparing for camp? Watch this local news coverage as Pamela and team prepare for camp!


July 24, 2009

Support Camp Erin and Win Great Prizes!

Check out the GREAT contest The Moyer Foundation is holding with the Phillies Nation blog! Win great prizes like: An autographed Jamie Moyer 250th win game ticket! An autographed Raul Ibanez baseball! And the top 3 people with the most entries will be able to ask Jamie a question!

Check it out: www.philliesnation.com/archives/2009/07/win-an-autographed-game-ticket-from-jamie-moyers-250th-win/

June 29, 2009

Jamie and the Phillies travel to Toronto!

Listen to a great interview with Jamie as he and the Phillies traveled to Toronto to play the Toronto Blue Jays for some interleague action! What a great opportunity to raise awareness for our first international Camp Erin location opening this summer! Thanks to Amanda and Mitchell, future Camp Erin Toronto campers, who threw out the first pitch at Friday nights game! Great job guys!

Congrats Camp Erin - Boston!!

A giant congratulations to the Camp Erin - Boston team for a successful second year of camp! We're so proud you are helping kids and teens learn to grieve and heal!

June 26, 2009

Video Messages Coming Soon!!!

Want to see your favorite Philadelphia Phillies talking about The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin?? Go Phils!

***Stay tuned for video messages from your favorite Philadelphia Phillies including Cole Hamels and Chase Utley!!!***

June 25, 2009

Camp Erin Whirl Wind National Tour!

WOW! 5 events in 2 weeks!

Starting June 6th in Los Angeles, CA and ending on June 17th in Minneapolis, MN, The Moyer Foundation completed 5 events to raise funds and awareness for Camp Erins across the country! Each one was unique and different, but all had one thing in common - a group of people coming together to learn more about Camp Erin in their community! Here is a quick recap of each event...

June 6th, Los Angeles, CA - Home of Robbie and Mike Tollin
The Tollin's graciously hosted over 100 of their closest friends and family for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The evening included a silent auction where items such a Hank Aaron autographed baseball were auctioned off! Karen and Jamie spoke from the heart about Camp Erin and all in attendance are still talking about what they heard that night.

June 8th, New York - MLB Network Studios
The Moyer Foundation partnered up with the MLB Network Studios to host a unique opportunity to get behind the scenes and tour the studios. The evening included a Q&A with MLB Network on-air talent as well as with Karen and Jamie. Much excitement was generated around the expansion of Camp Erin to NYC in 2010!

June 10th, Atlanta, GA - Luxury Suite at Atlanta Braves' Turner Field
An action packed evening at Turner Field began with a pre-game reception for Camp Erin Atlanta campers graciously hosted by Atlanta Braves wives Kim Hudson and Jaena Norton. Guests in the suite enjoyed an on-field check presentation from The Moyer Foundation to Camp Magik to fund Camp Erin Atlanta. For the remainder of the game, guests enjoyed good food, great company and had the chance to learn more about The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin!

June 15th, Philadelphia, PA - Celebrity Waiters Dinner and Auction
The third annual Celebrity Waiters Dinner and Auction was held at the Phillies' ball park, Citizens Bank Park. Over 360 guests enjoyed the stadium's beautiful Diamond Club area and had the chance to bid on incredible silent and live auction items all in support of Camp Erin and other local charities helping children in distress. Many of the World Series Winning Phillies players performed flawlessly as the waiters for the evening. Many thanks to the celebrities who made this night unforgettable for all in attendance!

June 17th, Minneapolis, MN - Home of Shauna and Merrill Ferguson
The final stop for the Camp Erin Whirl Wind Tour was in Minneapolis, MN. Shauna and Merrill Ferguson opened up their home to close friends and family - some new, some old. The evening was a great success and all were touched by a special camper testimonial from a future Camp Erin - Minneapolis camper during the program portion of the evening.

Whew! So many great things have happened over the last few weeks and there are countless people that helped make everything happen. The thank you's are ENDLESS!! We are so grateful for every single person who plays an important role on The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin Team!

***Pictures to come!***

May 12, 2009

Great Camp Erin - St. Louis coverage!

Over the weekend, Camp Erin - St. Louis had a great news story with Fox Channel 2 about Annie's Hope, The Moyer Foundation and of course, Camp Erin! One of the many great opportunities to raise awareness that are happening all across the country!

Check out the video link below:


Congratulations Becky and everyone at Annie's Hope and Camp Erin - St. Louis!

May 6, 2009

Camp Erin Advocate - Greg Norton, Atlanta Braves

MLB.com wrote an article about Atlanta Braves outfielder Greg Norton, a Camp Erin advocate, who's mother was tragically murdered by his dad when he was in his teens. The article mentions the support he and his wife Jaena give to Camp Erin.

"Through his foundation, Phillies left-handed pitcher Jamie Moyer created Camp Erin, a bereavement camp created for children who have lost a loved one. Jaena helped raised funds for this charity over the course of the past three years and accompanied Braves pitcher Tim Hudson's wife, Kim, to a camp that was held in Hampton, Ga., earlier this year. [Camp Erin] is something that I want to get involved with. I just want to help somebody or at least make them feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel. I have a story that shows that things can work out."

May 5, 2009

Happy May! Updates from the Program Coordinator

We are gearing up for the start of The Moyer Foundation special events season and of course for Lesa’s wedding on May 24th! To say things are busy around here is an understatement. :-)

Here’s the scoop:
We are currently seeking RFP’s for new Camp Erin locations for 2010. We are expanding to the following cities: Anaheim, Dallas/Ft Worth, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, New York and Eastern Washington. If you have any referrals of organizations that would be great additions to our Camp Erin network, please let me know and we’ll contact them regarding Camp Erin. RFP’s are due June 15th.

Camp Erin – Philadelphia will be occurring May 15th-17th, good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

Have you visited the National Camp Erin Network blog lately? Better yet…have you posted a comment or subject? Camp Erin – Portland has posted a question to other camps regarding a challenge course, great time to leave a comment and help the Camp Erin team!

The Classic Baseball games are currently being shipped or have been shipped if you requested to receive one. The company that donated them to us is very excited to be able to provide a fun activity for kids and teens. If you have any pictures of kids/teens playing the game, I would love to share them with our contact.

Jamie has interviewed with different ESPN programs in the last few weeks, which has been great exposure for Camp Erin. Last week after one interview, we received over 30 inquiries in a 5 minute period. We had calls and emails from all over the U.S. from people interested in volunteering or wanting to get applications for children they though would benefit from Camp Erin. We hope you have had some great volunteers or prospective campers contact you.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lynette McCampbell

April 20, 2009

First Camp Erin of the season completed!

Congratulations Camp Erin - Miami! This last weekend Camp Erins debuted in Miami, where a group of kids and teens spent the weekend at Camp Owaissa Bauer! A great time was had by all including Karen Moyer who was able to attend the first 2009 camp. Thanks Camp Erin - Miami team for a exciting and successful start of the camp season!

April 16, 2009

Nice write-up in the The Washington Times!

The Washington Time's Thom Loverro who writes the sports blog "Lovey Land" shares his thoughts about Jamie Moyer and the DC fundraiser to support Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC! Check it out!


April 14th Washington, DC fundraiser a great success!

On Tuesday, April 14th, The Moyer Foundation teamed up with international law firm Jones Day to raise funds and awareness for Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC. Over 100 guests joined Karen and Jamie Moyer at Jones Day's beautiful roof top terrace facilities. Good food and cocktails were shared among the guests who had the opportunity to bid on silent auction items and one live auction item auctioned off by Jamie Moyer himself! Nearly $25,000 was raised to support the expansion of Camp Erin to DC that will serve over 50 grieving kids and teens in the DC area in 2009! The Moyer Foundation is thrilled to partner with DC's own Wendt Center and their Camp Forget-Me-Not program to continue providing this much needed service to youth grieving the death of a loved one in the DC community.

Many thanks to Jones Day for donating space, food and drink for the event. A heartfelt thanks to Mike Gurdak for his dedication and support in bringing this night together!

Pictures coming soon!

March 20, 2009

2009 Spring Training Event in Clearwater, FL!

Jamie Moyer and Raul Ibanez reporting from Clearwater, FL.

Players and fans raise over $36,000 at Spring Training “PHUN-raiser”Clearwater, FL. – March 17, 2009– The Moyer Foundation, founded by Major League All-Star pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen, hosted a fundraising event at Bright House Field, home of the Phillies Spring Training, immediately following the Phillies win over Cincinnati on Tuesday, March 17. More than 12 MLB teammates attended the St. Patrick’s Day-themed evening event including Chase Utley, Geoff Jenkins, Greg Dobbs, Brad Lidge and Raul Ibanez who joined over 180 fans and Foundation supporters.

Guests enjoyed a barbeque and live entertainment while helping to raise funds through a silent and a live auction, emceed by Phillies own Scott Palmer. The event raised over $36,000 to support the Foundation’s Camp Erin™ program – bereavement camps for children and teens.

“It means a lot to me to have my teammates here and the support of the Phillies organization. Having an event at Spring Training is a great opportunity for people to come together with their families to have fun, and at the same time, learn about and support an important cause like childhood bereavement. Everyone who was at this event – from fans to fellow players – is helping to send more grieving kids and teens to Camp Erin in communities all across the country, and that is pretty cool.” said Jamie Moyer, Co-founder of The Moyer Foundation.

February 24, 2009

Camper Memory - Palm Springs

"My favorite part of camp was the talent show. We rocked the other groups! I also liked the trust fall and staying up late with my cabin buddies."

Spring Training Event - One Lucky Night

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with The Moyer Foundation at the Phillies Spring Training ballpark and help raise funds for Camp Erin! Immediately following the Phillies vs. Reds game. Join Karen and Jamie Moyer and a number of other World Champion Phillies players for green drinks, southern BBQ, the live band LUCKY PENNY and silent and live auctions.
3.17.09 4:30 - 7:00pm $250 person
RSVP and Questions: katie@moyerfoundation.org

February 18, 2009

Note from a camper

I wanted to share a great note we recieved from a 2008 camper:

"These are the words I would use to describe Camp Erin...FUN, COOL, AMAZING, WOW, FRIENDS and EMOTIONAL....and a lot of others that I can't spell! Thanks for letting me be a part of camp....it was great!"

A few group shots of campers and volunteers from 2008!

Camps and locations SET for 2009!

It's confirmed! All 28 camps and locations have been set for Camp Erin 2009. Our first camp will be held in April and the last the end of September. Congratulations to all new camps as they work hard in planning camp! For more information go to:

February 3, 2009

2008 World Series Champions team up off the field to support Camp Erin!

On January 28, we were excited to team up with Jamie Moyer's teammate Geoff Jenkins from the Philadelphia Phillies to host the 2nd Annual Geoff Jenkins Celebrity Poker Tournament at the W Scottsdale in Arizona. More than $65,000 was raised with all proceeds from the event to benefit Camp Erin! More than 200 attendees and 100 players turned out for the event, including over 40 professional athletes and celebrities such as Phillies’ Shane Victorino, Cleveland Indians Grady Sizemore, LA Dodger’s Russell Martin and Noah Lowry of the San Francisco Giants.

“The event was amazing, everyone had a good time,” said Jenkins who makes his off-season home in Phoenix, AZ. “It was a great opportunity to bring my friends together and have a lot of fun while supporting an important cause like The Moyer Foundation’s Camp Erin.”

The W Scottsdale donated the DJ, food and venue for the event. Their were great prizes for the top players who were able to keep their poker faces on including a 63" flat screen donated by Design First for the first prize winner. Congratulations Bill Hall of the Milwaukee Brewers!

The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin team send our many thanks to Geoff, his event planning team and the W Scottsdale staff for all their hard work to make this event such a huge success. We are so grateful!

Photos: Left: Tournament winner Bill Hall - Milwaukee Brewers, tournament host Geoff Jenkins - Philadelphia Phillies and Grady Sizemore - Cleveland Indians. Right: Karen and Jamie Moyer (left) and Cathy and Jeff Fassero (right) former Mariner teammates and long time friends of the Moyer's.