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Camp Erin is the largest bereavement camp in the country - designed for youth ages 6-17 who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. It is a weekend-long experience filled with traditional, fun, camp activities combined with grief education and emotional support — facilitated by grief professionals and trained volunteers from local hospice and grief counseling agencies. Camp Erin is the largest network of bereavement camps in the United States with 36 camps in 23 states. More than 2,500 greiving children and teens will receive the healing experience of Camp Erin this year!

March 25, 2010

New Video from Camp Erin San Diego!

Check it out! Great job to all!

The Hardest Truth: Telling Kids the Truth About Death

Talking to kids about death is never an easy thing to do. For a mother, telling her young children their father committed suicide and took his own life can raise questions no mother feels prepared to answer.

I came aross this compelling article that tells the story of one mom's struggle and triumph when telling her kids "the hardest truth."

Check it out...

Seattle Children's Theatre production of "Getting Near to Baby"

We were invited to the production of "Getting Near to Baby" at the Seattle Children's Theatre.  The show is about a family who is suddenly dealing with the death of their infant sister.  We often hear from Camp Erin alumni many of the common themes seen in the production - from the little sister thinking her actions caused her younger sister to die, the older sister protecting the family or the reactions of the adults who are thinking they are helping without realizing people deal with grief in their own way.  It was an amazing production where you are laughing and crying, it truly was a magical evening.  The show runs until April 18th, for more information go to:  http://www.sct.org/browse/Production.aspx?prod=5919.

March 16, 2010

2010 National Bereavement Camp Conference - Cleveland, OH

Time to register for the first annual National Bereavement Camp Conference!

The Moyer Foundation is holding it first 2010 National Bereavement Camp Conference on June 26 in Cleveland, Ohio. The conference will provide an overall view of bereavement camp structures and best practices across the country by creating a forum of exchange, learning and collaboration through sharing of timely clinical information, programs, advances in research and successful ideas for new or existing bereavement camps. 

Learn more about this exciting new conference and register at http://moyerfoundation.givezooks.com/events/national-bereavement-camp-conference 

Please contact Lynette Moore at lynette@moyerfoundation.org with any questions.

Camp Erin - Hawaii new video!

Great job Camp Erin - Hawaii!

March 1, 2010

Skating through Grief

With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics complete, we find ourselves looking back at the memorable moments from the games. Perhaps one of the most compelling moments came during the women's figure skating competition when Canadian skater Joannie Rochette took to the ice after the tragic death of her mother and biggest fan just 2 days prior. Joannie skated with amazing grace and a quiet strength that could be felt by all who watched.

Pamela Gabbay writes of the tragedy in her recent article "Skating for Her Mother" for Open to Hope. Click here to read more! Pamela is a nationally recognized bereavement expert  as well as the Director of Camp Erin Palm Srings and Program Director of the Mourning Star Center for Grieving Children in Palm Desert, CA.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rochette family during this difficult time. May you find peace in your memories.